Vape Tithing FAQ

What is Vape Tithing?
Vape Tithing is our way of giving back. Now more than ever, we have to support the advocacy groups fighting for our industry on a local level. With Vape Tithing, 10% of all profits go back to participating advocacy groups every month.

How does it work?
It’s very simple! Just have your local advocacy group sign up on this page.
They’ll get a link to share with their members. When you make a purchase using their exclusive link, they’ll receive an email informing them of YOUR purchase and the amount of the donation.
Each month, they’ll receive direct payment for 10% of all profits from sales made using their links. It’s that easy!

Does it cost me anything?
No. You just do what you need to do anyway – restock your store with great tasting, fast-selling eliquid – and we do the rest!

Does it cost my advocacy group anything?
No. Vape Tithing covers all the fees associated with this program.

Are there minimums I need to buy?
No. Every wholesale order, no matter how large or small, is eligible.

How often will my advocacy group receive a payment?
Once a month, on or around the 12th, payments are automatically sent directly to the registered bank account of your advocacy group.

What a great idea! How can I set this up for our company?
We use a combination of third-party module in conjunction with our e-commerce platform, Miva, to facilitate this program and are happy to provide details on the process. Your e-commerce platform may require a different system.